Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Real Estate Snob Report

Why Real Estate Snob? Well, it happens I’ve been selling real estate for over 20 years and with this job you get to see “reality” at its finest. I’ve seen every kind of home, in every kind of condition, and I have learned that once you find the right home for your buyer, it is an amazing experience going through the negotiation process to closing.

On the other side of the coin, selling the home as the listing agent, keeps me grounded in the basics of marketing and reaching a never ending string of potential buyers that are harder and harder to find. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is far easier to produce an extremely high quality marketing program for each property, and then let the buyers find you through creative targeted marketing.

So, what this boils down to is the thrill of the hunt. I’ve become very skilled in producing movies, virtual tours, Blogging and mailing campaigns for my listings, and with these materials I’ve been able to sell almost 100% of the listings I’ve taken over the years. Not bad, considering when I started in the business everything was based on the “cut and paste” method of building pages. Not cutting a picture from one file and pasting it into another, but actually cutting out a picture with scissors and literally pasting it onto the presentation. Now that is very old technology. But, in those days, prior to the advanced computer systems we have we had to do things manually.

Today I have 3 internet servers and 11 pc based computers (yes… I’m a PC) connected to the internet right in my home. I build and serve all of my own presentations, email, movies and tours from my basement with a very high speed connection. In other words, I’ve made a very big commitment to my business.

My marketing program is very high tech. With domain names, Google rankings, YouTube videos, IDX marketing, movie production, video production, and of course paper brochures. As a side note, most agents only do a paper brochure and some of them don’t even do color. I’d be embarrassed. After all, Mr. & Mrs. Seller are hiring me to do a professional job in selling their home, why wouldn’t I try and do everything possible to sell their home quickly and use every tool available to me.

Mr. & Mrs. Buyer love it too. Today I can connect them to every home that is brought to market almost immediately. I keep them connected to the latest homes via email and automatic property searches that are done several times a day. Trust me, there is no home that will sneak by un-noticed. Once found, I handle all of my contracts through the latest advances in technology, so the negotiations go much faster. I can write a contract, have it emailed for signatures and on to the other agent in minutes. In the old days, that process could take days. I am committed to making sure that you get the property. But I’m also going to make sure you get that home at a fair price. A price that is based on recent sales data that I provide for the home that you have chosen. It takes time to make sure that those numbers are accurate, and then and only when we’ve determined the right price will we begin the process.

I love the business of real estate. The thrill of finding that perfect home for the buyer, or the creativity of making sure we find the right buyer for a listing… I just love it, so much that I actually am reachable almost 24/7 and I do this without an assistant to get in the way. When you call me… I’m the one that answers the phone. I’m the one that builds the strategy, and I’m the one that makes sure you are #1.

Now as a small disclaimer, I do have some pretty skilled helpers to make all this happen. My family. My husband makes sure the technology works. My daughter helps with photography and editing, and post production, and my son… well he pretty much helps by staying glued to his Wii. Keep in mind that we work together as a unit and that makes all this possible.

Yes, I am a snob… I’ve earned the right because I’ve taken the time to build and support a comprehensive marketing program, learned, and mastered the art of negotiation, and built a flawless track record and reputation in real estate. My job has evolved over the years, but my personal commitment has just gotten stronger. I love this business! – Fauna MacKillip

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