Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ok.. I Guess I Don't Get It...

This social networking thing is just for the birds. I’ve tried the Facebook thing and I’ve watched my husband Tweet… but I just don’t get it. I guess blogging is better for me. I can tell my story and not get interrupted by somebody doing Mafia Wars, or having a Food Fight.

I’m just a failure there. I never know what to post, so I do listings and other stuff, but just going there to chat something up seems un-natural to me. I want to be in the thick of things, negotiating the details of a hard fought contract are more my style….. not writing about my vacation. Who has time for vacation when there is business to be done? Hey the first time homebuyer incentives will be going away soon and I still have two couples that are on the fence about homes they are interested in. I’ve got to get them into something!

Not only that, but the next 45 days will be the busiest of the year for me and that takes some preparation. Now that’s more my style! So, you can tell me about your vacation, and I’ll be envious, but my breaks are more of what I do between contracts. - Fauna

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